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Silver Bay Seafoods is currently looking for an Experienced White Fish QA Manager. The QA Manager is responsible for organizing and coordinating operations and procedures in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The QA Manager will oversee the Quality Control staff and ensure that proper documentation, inventory records, including Fleet QC issues and overall Quality is held to the Silver Bay Standards. 




  • Construct and maintain HACCP plan to ensure CCP conformance;
  • Construct and maintain SSOP’s to ensure plant sanitation and cleanliness;
  • Coordinate plant audits and inspections with USDC, FDA, DEC;
  • Collaborate with Management on MSC certification and corresponding audits;
  • Work with Management to keep all licenses/certificates relevant and up to date;
  • Instruct production department heads on safe handling of food products;
  • Monitor plant personnel to ensure SSOP’s are being followed;
  • Set up conference calls;
  • Tidy and maintain the office premises;


  • Instruct production department heads on sanitary cleaning procedures;
  • Perform evaluation after plant cleanup, instruct additional cleaning if necessary;
  • Monitor plant personnel to ensure SSOP’s are being followed;
  • Ensure proper chemicals are used in cleaning process;
  • Ensure hand-dip/foot-dip stations are in place before every shift;
  • Monitor storage warehouse for cleanliness, rodents;
  • Implement Daily SSOP’s;

QC Inventory:

  • Keep cleaning chemicals in stock;
  • Ensure there is ample supply of hairnets/beard nets;
  • Keep sufficient stock of thermometers, drill bits, salometers on hand;
  • Keep micro-biological lab stocked;



  • Keep track of QC personnel hours;
  • Give guidance and training to staff;
  • Assign projects to staff;
  • Crew staff for good QC coverage during plant operations;
  • Provide on-going training when applicable;
  • Do periodic evaluations of job performance for staff;
  • Fill out separation notices when necessary;

Micro-biological lab:

  • Maintain micro test schedule for RTE products;
  • Work with upper management to establish test schedule for non RTE products;
  • Keep lab stocked;
  • Ensure proper training of micro lab staff;

Document Control:

  • Construct and edit any Management plans as needed;
  • Construct and edit any monitoring forms as needed;
  • Utilize document management system to ensure only up to date and relevant  documents are in use

Regulatory Audits/Inspection:

  • Host regulatory entity that is on-site to conduct an audit or inspection;
  • Host buyers that are on-site to conduct an audit or inspection;
  • Ensure plant is in top shape for either


  • Submit Monthly Poundage Reports to USDC;
  • Provide daily QC report to upper management;

Fleet QC:

  • Program and issue data loggers to fishing vessels;
  • Program and issue company data loggers to company chartered tenders;
  • Prepare tender and seiner packs;
  • Distribute cleaning agents with instructions to F/V and tenders;
  • Do preseason tender inspection and go over company QC guidelines with skipper



The candidate must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of Quality Assurance and procedures;
  • Knowledge of fish processing and supervision;
  • Ability to maintain a high level of accuracy in preparing and entering information;


Required Skills and Abilities:


The applicant must demonstrate the following skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Team building skills;
  • Analytical and problem solving skills;
  • Decision-making skills;
  • Effective verbal and listening communication skills’
  • Attention to detail and high level of accuracy;
  • Very effective organizational skills;
  • Effective written communication skills;
  • Computer skills including spreadsheet and word processing programs at a highly proficient level;
  • Stress management skills; Time management skills;
  • HAACP Certification



Working Conditions and Physical Requirements


The Quality Assurance Manager is expected to uphold a standard set by Silver Bay Seafoods in the value of product produced. The Quality Assurance Manager will have to work long hours during the season.   Time management skills are essential in this position; ensuring tasks get done according to deadlines, timelines and requests of management. An ideal candidate will be proficient in multi-tasking and versatility.



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